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New Picture Books and Children/Young Adult Book Guide! Diversity, Makers, and much more!

TERC, School of Ed Students, kids, parents, and lovers of childrens’ books: Milne Library has acquired over 4 dozen new picture books!   Themes include celebrating diversity, makers, nature, friendship, survival stories, coping with grief, and much more.  We also have lots of educational toys, building sets,  and manipulatives!

List of newest picture books at Milne:

Education (Lesson Planning Resources): Children’s/Young Adult Books:

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History Professors Weed Milne Garden!


What’s going on with all the books? WEEDING!

SUNY Geneseo History professors spent some time recently “weeding” the history books on Milne’s top floor. Weeding is the kinder, gentler word librarians use for discarding books!

The reality is that every library has to discard books from time to time, to make room for new books and to rid the collection of old, outdated, and possibly misleading books. In the science and medical section, for instance, a book from 1950 could be dangerous, with information that has long since been proven wrong!

Weeding the history section, however, can be tricky because a book whose information is out of date still has use for historiography purposes, in other words, to study the changing interpretation of historical events over time. So, for instance, a book published in 1962 that mentions Malcolm X might not be accurate in light of recent research about Malcolm X, but that 1962 book may be extremely useful as a primary source when studying changing attitudes about race in this country.

The history professors, then, had to determine the worth of each book as an information source, as a classic historical text, and as a primary source, as well as considering the condition of the book, how easy the book would be to obtain on interlibrary loan, and if students at Geneseo are studying the topic or not. If a book doesn’t meet the criteria, out it goes! Since January, 522 books have been weeded from the Milne history collection, and 129 new history books have been ordered so far to replace them.BWB

But don’t worry, the books we “weed” aren’t tossed in a garbage bin! We send them to a company called Better World Books, which re-sells them for us and sends us a portion of the profit, which we use to buy new books.  A portion of Better World Books’ profit also funds high-impact literacy projects in the United States and around the world.

GOLD Program, Published!

GOLDPublishedMilne Library would like to congratulate Tom Matthews, the director of the GOLD Program, on the publication of Building Leaders One Hour at a Time: Guidebook for Leadership Development. Tom has spent the last several years on this labor of love, which describes how staff from across campus have collaborated with the GOLD Program staff to develop a comprehensive program designed to enable students learn leadership skills in a variety of areas. As Tom says, “It speaks volumes about the culture at the College that encourages people to work with each other to help enrich the learning environment for our students.”

Tom’s purpose in writing Building Leaders One Hour at a Time is to spread the word about the GOLD Program and demonstrate that other organizations can use the program to develop leadership programs of their own. With 160 workshops on topics ranging from leadership on energy sustainability to “Grimm” lessons on leadership to visioning one’s future in areas as varied as community engagement and social justice to professional development to information management, it’s apparent that organizations of all types can find the seeds of their own student leadership programs in the contents of this book.

Milne Library has additional connections to the book in that Cyril Oberlander, the library’s director, is the person who suggested the name for the book and many people on the library staff regularly teach workshops for the Ruby Certificate for Information Management and Digital Age Leadership.

Congratulations to Tom and everyone involved with the GOLD Program on the publication of Building Leaders One Hour at a Time!

~  Written by Sherry Rhodes, Reference/Instruction Librarian ([email protected])

Milne’s Growing! New Books, CDs, DVDs: Acquired & Donated


Donate Your Books, CD’s DVD’s to Milne!

Milne Library is growing!

We’re pleased that – with your help and support – we added over 2,515 new titles last year:

  • 303 DVDs
  • 154 CDs


New materials are generally selected from two sources:

  • Items we purchase fromrecommendations received by faculty, students, and staff. To make a recommendation, simply place an IDS request and select “Recommend Purchase.”
  • Items donated. We appreciate donations of materials by faculty, staff, students, and community members—you can drop them into our book donation dropbox by the entrance. Last year, we received 4,505 titles via donations, of which 586 titles (books and DVDs) stayed here in Milne. We sent the remaining items to Better World Books and any proceeds raised go to buying more books and other items for Milne.

We also supplement our 500,000 books upstairs with over 3,000,000 free ebooks available from Hathi Trust, Google Books, and Internet Archive.


Book donation box, Milne Lobby entrance

An area of growing concern for us has been the increasing cost of textbooks (see our recent story on SUNY Open Textbooks). This year, Milne purchased several textbooks using money earned from Better World Books. By placing these critical texts on reserve, we hope to lessen the financial burden on students and their parents during the college years and after graduation.

Please consider donating books, CDs, DVDs, and other items in good condition to Milne. You can help build a strong collection that has a positive impact on the learning and research experiences of Geneseo students. These donations also benefit many others, including faculty and staff, the Geneseo and Livingston County communities, and communities across the globe via interlibrary loan.

If you’re interested in donating to Milne, please see the details at And if you’re interested in what new resources we’ve added to Milne, please see

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. We give you sincere thanks for your support—we are able to do so much more because of the generosity of our supporters!

Cyril  Oberlander
Library Director
Tel: 585-245-5528
Email: [email protected]

A Whole New World…for Education Students

Teacher Education Resource Center

Teacher Education Resource Center

The Teacher Education Resource Center (TERC), located on Milne Library’s Lower Level, offers students a large collection of curriculum resources for preK-12 instruction, including textbooks, videos, puppets, audio and manipulatives, as well as an extensive selection of fiction and non-fiction books for juvenile and young adult readers.

New Areas



TERC Nook: A space to interact with the collection and work on projects. Located in the center of the TERC collection the nook is an area where students can utilize and manipulate material found in the collection. The area also contains a large table for group or project work. Additionally the space can be used for story-time or puppet shows.



Imaginarium: A place of Imagination. Located across from the Teacher Education Resource Center (TERC) is Milne’s newest creative space, the Imaginarium. This area contains a die-cut machine, die-cuts and materials for creating projects. It is open to all students and faculty and is available whenever the library is open. The room also contains a table for creating lesson plans or working on projects.

Please visit the Education Library Guide or email Michelle Costello([email protected]) for more information.

New Movies in Milne’s Collection

New Movies in Milne's Collection

Milne Library has recently acquired the following DVD’s during the month of May:

  • Grease [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures presents; directed by Randal Kleiser. John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Stockard Channing.
  • Grey Gardens [videorecording] / HBO Films presents; directed by Michael Sucsy. Drew Barrymore, Jessica Lange, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Ken Howard.
  • Hamlet [videorecording] / Warner Bros. and Nelson Entertainment present; directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Mel Gibson, Glenn Close, Alan Bates, Paul Scofield, Ian Holm, Helena Bonham-Carter. Originally produced as a motion picture in 1990.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 1 [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Heyday Films production; directed by David Yates.  Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson.
  • Se7en [videorecording] / New Line Cinema presents an Arnold Kopelson production; directed by David Fincher. Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow.

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New Database for Primary Resources

Does the mere thought of endless hours of searching through old tomes covered in dust and mold in order to find that piece of primary research for your paper make you cringe? Have you been looking for a way to enjoy some time in a foreign land at a reasonable cost? Then we’ve got the perfect resource for you!


TIMELINE is the newest cutting edge technology that allows students to go directly to the source for the most accurate information, provided by… you! Why rely upon drawing and paintings expressing some artist’s interpretation of a person of historical import? Now you can experience first hand the trek over the Alps by Hannibal or take part  in a protest with suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton. No longer do you need to trust the writings of Plato, when you can hear Socrates speak for himself!

Simply give TIMELINE the date, time, and location of your event or person of interest and find yourself transported into the powerful new Mindviewer technology which allows you to witness those important moments of history for yourself. Get to know the life of a British foot soldier as well as a Patriot from the Revolutionary War.  Better than any video game experience, you can stand in the front lines of natural disasters without fear of death since out patented technology returns you safely home one your subject expires.

Become an expert and Try TIMELINE now! Experience living history.


Big Batch of Ebooks Now Available

In January, Milne added more than 16,000 recently published titles to its book collection through a subscription to Springer eBooks. This collection of electronic books covers a wide variety of subject areas, including physics & astronomy, humanities, computer science, behavioral sciences, business & economics, engineering, chemistry & material science, biomedical and life sciences, and lots more. The collection will grow by more than 3,000 brand-new books each year.

Users can discover Springer eBooks held by Milne the same way they find other books — through a keyword, title, author or subject search in the Beta Catalog, WorldCat Local, or GLOCAT. In GLOCAT, users can zero in on these titles by searching “springer” as a document type.

Ebooks are a cost- and space-saving alternative to physical books, and they are more accessible to users. They allow users access to new materials that Milne simply could neither afford to purchase in print nor accommodate in the existing shelf space. And ebooks are available at all times, not just when the Library is open.

Recent acquisitions in women’s studies

It has been a while, but Milne Library’s Women’s Studies List has been updated and is available for viewing and printing at Recent additions to our collection include books on female spirituality, women and the news media, medieval gender issues and writing by African American women. For more annotations, images of cover art, and older lists, go to the Women’s Studies List on the Milne Library homepage. If you have ideas or suggestions for other lists, please contact Kate Pitcher at [email protected].