Milne’s Growing! New Books, CDs, DVDs: Acquired & Donated


Donate Your Books, CD’s DVD’s to Milne!

Milne Library is growing!

We’re pleased that – with your help and support – we added over 2,515 new titles last year:

  • 303 DVDs
  • 154 CDs


New materials are generally selected from two sources:

  • Items we purchase fromrecommendations received by faculty, students, and staff. To make a recommendation, simply place an IDS request and select “Recommend Purchase.”
  • Items donated. We appreciate donations of materials by faculty, staff, students, and community members—you can drop them into our book donation dropbox by the entrance. Last year, we received 4,505 titles via donations, of which 586 titles (books and DVDs) stayed here in Milne. We sent the remaining items to Better World Books and any proceeds raised go to buying more books and other items for Milne.

We also supplement our 500,000 books upstairs with over 3,000,000 free ebooks available from Hathi Trust, Google Books, and Internet Archive.


Book donation box, Milne Lobby entrance

An area of growing concern for us has been the increasing cost of textbooks (see our recent story on SUNY Open Textbooks). This year, Milne purchased several textbooks using money earned from Better World Books. By placing these critical texts on reserve, we hope to lessen the financial burden on students and their parents during the college years and after graduation.

Please consider donating books, CDs, DVDs, and other items in good condition to Milne. You can help build a strong collection that has a positive impact on the learning and research experiences of Geneseo students. These donations also benefit many others, including faculty and staff, the Geneseo and Livingston County communities, and communities across the globe via interlibrary loan.

If you’re interested in donating to Milne, please see the details at And if you’re interested in what new resources we’ve added to Milne, please see

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. We give you sincere thanks for your support—we are able to do so much more because of the generosity of our supporters!

Cyril  Oberlander
Library Director
Tel: 585-245-5528