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Presenting … Allison Brown, Milne’s Digital Publishing Services Manager

BrownAIt’s official — Allison Brown is Milne library’s new Digital Publishing Services Manager.  Allison was the successful candidate in last summer’s nationwide search to fill the newly-created position, bringing with her a proven track record of working with authors, navigating the publishing landscape, and producing a variety of publications.

Before you scratch your head too vigorously, wondering “But hasn’t Allison been here, doing that, long before this past summer?” — yes, she had been functioning as the digital publishing coordinator here in a temporary capacity for several years, and was instrumental in helping Milne build its publishing services from the ground up. The early projects, going back to 2012, include the Genesee Valley Historical Reprints Series (33 titles); Stuart Symington’s memoir, Tagging Along; and the first Proceedings of GREAT Day.

OpenSUNYTextbooksSince then, Allison has continued to produce more from Milne’s “press,” working closely with student groups, faculty, and emeriti at Geneseo and throughout SUNY. Among the current and ongoing projects she’s involved in is Open SUNY Textbooks,  for which she is project manager — working closely with authors and coordinating peer review, editing, and GDProceedingspublishing. She also continues to assist with production of the Proceedings of GREAT Day as well as advise for and coordinate publication of Gandy Dancer, the Geneseo-based, SUNY-wide student literary magazine edited by SUNY Geneseo students. With Gandy Dancer, Allison works closely with English professor Rachel Hall’s Editing & Production Workshop classes, both in and out of the classroom.

As Digital Publishing Services Manager, Allison manages to offer both publication assistance (production, project management, software training, etc.) to authors and experiential learning to the interns with whom she regularly works. She expects both areas to grow as more authors explore alternative publishing options, including open access (OA) publications and digital projects, and more students seek help with producing and managing their publications.

Allison earned a B.A. in English from Houghton College and an M.F.A. in creative writing from Emerson College in Boston. Prior to coming to Milne Library, she worked at Boston College’s library as a circulation desk assistant. Allison is an avid consumer of audio books since, she says, she seems to spend a lot of time in her car (much of it driving between her home in Rochester and work in Geneseo), and listening is a good way to use that time.

You can find Allison in her office (Milne 108) on the Library’s lower level, or contact her at [email protected] or 585-245-6020.

New publication by SUNY Geneseo’s Judy Albers examines Entrepreneurship in New York

SUNY researchers today released a study that shows New York State’s innovation profile is one of the strongest in the nation, and that continued focus on bolstering the upstate economy through Governor Cuomo’s START-UP NY program will be especially key to future growth and national competition for investment.

Entrepreneurship in New York is a joint collaboration by SUNY, the Research Foundation for SUNY (RF), SUNY Levin Institute, and SUNY Geneseo. This study shows that New York now commands a larger share of national venture investment than in past studies. Although, within this picture a significant disconnect is revealed. New York’s strong performance in academic R&D in the sciences stands in contrast with the relatively modest amounts of private investment available to move these innovations forward commercially.

Albers blog slider image (1)

Academic Research and Development (R&D) expenditures in New York State were $5.3 billion in 2012, second only to California. Additionally, the state’s share of venture capital invested nationally rose from 4 percent ($1.2B of $29.9B) in 2007 to 7 percent ($1.8B of $26.5B) in 2012, according to the report.

The SUNY study also found, however, that while New York’s innovation profile is on the rise, the majority of investment is funneled to New York City and that statewide, there remains a disconnect between strong academic research and the private investment needed to bring innovations to market. START-UP NY, which creates tax-free business zones in college communities, is cited as a unique opportunity to close the gap.

“New York is headed in the right direction, quickly becoming a more attractive destination for entrepreneurs and investors,” said SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher. “While Governor Cuomo’s leadership has positioned our campuses to ramp up research and development, create jobs, and drive the economy, it is increasingly critical that the business climate upstate stay on pace not only with academia’s growth but with investment in New York City, and this study can show us how.”

“New York’s universities, both public and private, conduct more than $5 billion in research every year, and we want to create and sustain an environment in New York where those innovations can thrive,” said Dr. Tim Killeen, RF president and SUNY vice chancellor for research. “This study helps us understand the investment climate into which faculty, researchers, and students are bringing their innovations and ideas, and together with Governor Cuomo’s START-UP NY, it can guide us toward a more business-friendly and prosperous state economy.”

Carol Long, president of SUNY Geneseo, said, “The entrepreneurial drive of our young people will shape the future of our economy, but as this study shows, we must find investors willing to bring their dreams to life. We believe that the governor’s innovation agenda can make a real difference in the Finger Lakes region and throughout New York State, and we are proud to be a part of this important study.”

The study is authored by Van Arsdale Chair of Entrepreneurship at SUNY Geneseo Judith Albers, Ph.D., and RF Director of Business and Investor Development Thomas R. Moebus.

The complete study, Entrepreneurship in New York: The Mismatch Between Venture Capital and Academic R&D, is available online. It can also be downloaded for free as an e-book via open SUNY, or purchased in paperback, from


Judith Albers, Ph.D.

Dr. Judith Albers, the Van Arsdale Chair of Entrepreneurship at SUNY Geneseo, and a respected voice in the innovation community of upstate New York, was the study’s lead researcher. “While the investment dollars in the state have increased,” said Dr. Albers, “a more detailed analysis indicates that the increase has been focused heavily on ‘soft tech’ in New York City.  In comparison, ‘hard tech’ companies in either upstate or downstate New York have a much smaller chance of securing funds to launch and grow. Start-ups in the life sciences face the most serious challenges.”

Thomas R. Moebus

Co-author Thomas Moebus, Director of Business and Investor Development at the Research Foundation for SUNY, said “The increase in venture investment in New York City suggests the potential for greater links between upstate opportunities and New York City investment to fuel entrepreneurial growth in fields like IT and services around the state.”

About the publication

Milne Library is very pleased to publish Entrepreneurship in New York and support the dissemination of this significant research report on the nature of venture investment in New York by the authors. Special thanks to Allison Brown, Milne’s Editor and Production Manager for making this and other works possible. More information about Milne Library’s Scholarship & Publishing Services is available online.

Join Us to Celebrate!

GandyTicketCome celebrate the publication of Gandy Dancer, Volume 2, Issue 1 with a brunch buffet and readings by contributors.  Print copies, cool T-shirts, and mugs will be available for $10-12.

Thursday, December 12th
10 am-noon

Harding Lounge (Welles 111)

Gandy Dancer is the SUNY-wide online literary journal edited by students in English 288/Editing and Production Workshop.  Our new issue includes work from Binghamton, Geneseo, Old Westbury, Oneonta, New Paltz, Potsdam and Stony Brook.

For more information, check us out at or contact Rachel Hall, faculty advisor at [email protected]

Gandy Dancer Ball

Birth of an Online Literary Journal


Scholarly Publishing Across the Disciplines: Interviews with Geneseo Faculty: Faculty value of scholarly collaboration, communications, and output

Scholarly Publishing Across the Disciplines: Interviews with Geneseo Faculty

Part IV: Faculty value of scholarly collaboration, communications, and output

SCPublished.SliderThe fourth part of Milne Library’s ongoing series about Geneseo research and publishing practices is now available (PDF). Faculty value of scholarly collaboration, communications and output documents faculty collaborations in research and publishing; faculty’s publishing motivations and influences; and the scholarly communication and output practices amongst the Geneseo faculty interviewed.

About the series:

The Milne Library Scholarly Communications team and librarian liaisons for the campus academic departments interviewed 87 faculty members in one-on-one conversations during the academic year 2010-11 and part of academic year 2011-12.  The results of these interviews were analyzed and documented in a series of reports which are on schedule for release from September 2013 – February 2014.

The interviews conducted with Geneseo faculty members were intended to be a survey of the current research and publishing practices on campus, giving us a glimpse of the issues affecting Geneseo faculty, including the changing scholarly publishing environment, digital and online scholarship, peer review, publishing with undergraduate researchers and open access.

The first three reports in the series document the issues and responses surrounding faculty and undergraduate students involved in research and publishing; the quickly changing environment surrounding digital scholarship and its value on campus and in the disciplines; and faculty participation in open access endeavors such as publishing in open access journals and self archiving of work. In particular, we look at ways in which the library may be able to meet the needs of new initiatives on campus.

To read the reports, please visit the Milne Library Scholarly Communication’s webpage at

We welcome your feedback about the reports.  Send any comments or questions to Kate Pitcher at [email protected] or by phone at 585-245-5064.


Authors Reading Series: SUNY Geneseo professor, Steve Bein

Bein.SliderPlease join us for the second author event in our 2013-14 Geneseo Authors Reading series, featuring SUNY Geneseo professor, Steve Bein

Steve Bein, Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy is not only a well-regarded philosophy instructor and scholar, but also the author of bestselling fantasy and science fiction. His most recent novels are Daughter of the Sword and Year of the Demon, the first two in the Fated Blades series featuring Tokyo female detective, Mariko Oshiro, and blending a police-procedural with historical fiction and fantasy. Here is what famed fantasy writer Diana Rowland has to say about Steve’s work:

“A sharp and superb urban fantasy, Daughter of the Sword is the perfect melding of skillful prose, fascinating characters, and compelling story. Steve Bein effortlessly combines history and legend with a modern procedural in a book that will have you staying up late to finish it.”

His short story ”The Most Important Thing in the World” will be published in the science fiction anthology, The Time Traveler’s Almanac in December 2013.

Milne Library is proud to host Steve Bein, who will read from his most recent novel, talk about his writing process and answer audience questions.
Join us on Monday, December 9th at 3:30pm on Milne Library’s main floor, just outside the Digital Media Lab.
Refreshments and beverages will be provided.

For more information about Steve and his work, please visit his website at  or read Milne Library’s interview with Steve at