Congratulations to our latest Published Librarians!

The CC-BY 2.0 image is modified from this image by Julie Jordan Scott.

Congratulations to Brandon West, Head of Research Instruction;  and Alan Witt, Liason Librarian to History, Business & Economics! Their peer-reviewed article “Challenge, Fantasy, and Curiosity: Activating Students’ Intrinsic Motivation Within Information Literacy Sessions” was published in The Journal of Creative Library Practice,  ISSN 2330-4227


Student engagement is a consistent challenge for librarians in information literacy instruction, especially in the context of single session learning. Two librarians at a small, public liberal arts college took inspiration from Malone’s (1981) theory of intrinsically motivating instruction to create a lesson plan that caught the imagination of the students and produced enthusiastic participation. This paper explains the theoretical framework used, examines the reasons for its success in this iteration, and discusses potential applications to other information literacy lessons.

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