Milne Faculty Librarians, Published

Faculty librarians Brandon West and Michelle Costello (with Kim Hoffman, University of Rochester) have recently published an edited volume with the Association of College and Research Libraries titled Creative Instructional Design: Practical Applications for Librarians

Their book explores the major overarching themes that show why instructional design is so impactful for academic librarians—intentionality, collaboration, and engagement—and provides you with extensive examples of how librarians are applying the theoretical perspectives of instructional design in practical ways. The book examines ways in which librarians are using instructional design principles to inform, construct, or evaluate information literacy initiatives; online library instruction and services; and programming and outreach efforts. Instructional design provides a way for instructors, trainers, and educators to both approach instruction creation systematically, and evaluate how it has been effective and how it can be improved.¹

Brandon, Michelle, and Kim’s work on the book began in two years ago, when they initially sat down to develop its concept. Along the way, they were able to include the talents of Milne’s Digital Publishing Services Manager, Allison Brown, who designed the book cover. Can you identify the Easter egg on the cover?

Milne Library congratulates Brandon, Michelle, and Kim on their hard work, and thanks them for representing SUNY Geneseo on a national level!


¹Book description from the ALA Bookstore.