Fall 2017 Plagiarism Workshops

Students plagiarize for many reasons. While some are simply trying to get through a course as easily as possible, others procrastinate and panic, taking a few short cuts to get the assignment done. Some students think that text on a “group-developed” web page like Wikipedia does not have to be cited because it is “common knowledge” (not true!).  Others genuinely do not understand how to paraphrase, quote, and cite properly.

In this workshop taught by librarians, students will:

  1. discuss how copyright laws and plagiarism rules apply to using material from the web.
  2. learn how citing correctly can help avoid unintentional plagiarism.
  3. learn how to write a paragraph that successfully and clearly distinguishes paraphrases and quotes from original ideas and language.

See the website for a complete list of dates the workshop is offered.

There will be no make-up workshops, so don’t miss your chance to take one.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED! The plagiarism workshops are now part of the GOLD Program. To register for a plagiarism workshop, students must visit the GOLD Program web page to open a GOLD account, and then register for one of 14 plagiarism workshops in the listing of GOLD Workshops.

Students: Shortly after you attend a workshop, your name will be added to a database that tracks Plagiarism Workshop Attendance. Your professors have access to this database and can verify that you attended a workshop if they are requiring attendance or giving extra credit for attendance. The database is cumulative, so if you took the workshop since January 2015, your name should be listed. If it is not, please speak to a librarian in Milne Library.