OA Policy 101

On February 11, 2020, the Geneseo College Senate met and adopted an open access policy.
Work began on proposing an open access policy in spring of 2019, under the direction of then-director Ben Rawlins, along with a committee of stakeholders from across campus. Upon his leaving Geneseo, the committee was helmed by Paul Schacht and Jonathan Grunert, and it included Allison Brown, Alexis Clifton, Yvonne Seale, Amanda Wentworth, Suann Yang, and student Nicole Callahan.

The committee worked together to write a policy that was faculty-centered, taking cues from policies at other institutions, and relying on the definition of open access provided by Budapest Open Access Initiative. The final version of the policy works to make faculty publications as widely visible as possible.

The policy committee focused on three basic goals regarding author rights:

  • Authors retain their copyright for all works submitted.
  • Authors may request to update and add to existing works.
  • Authors may grant additional rights under their control to users through a Creative Commons license.

The policy urges all faculty to make their work available in Geneseo’s institutional repository, KnightScholar. (Students are welcome to deposit their work in KnightScholar, but it is not required.)

Faculty who wish to opt out of this policy may request a waiver at this link: Open Access Policy Waiver Form.

You can put your preprints, postprints, in KnightScholar on your own, or email knightscholar@geneseo.edu for help or with questions.
[Author: Jonathan Grunert]