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Data: What Do YOU Need in our Collection?


Paul Scipione talks about his mentor and friend Dr. George Gallup, well know for developing the Gallup opinion poll.

The library held a successful Celebration of Data event last Wednesday (April 24, 2013) where Professor Emeritus Paul Scipione gave a lecture on the value of census data.

“Looking at census information, you are able to see not just statistics, but that there are stories in there…”.  The data provides “the very story of the United States,” giving us a historical picture of when Americans became affluent enough to afford a family car, televisions, college degrees or their own homes.  Scipione tells us how businesses saw the value of census information for market research and how technological advances impacted what and how much information could be collected and offered by the Census Bureau.  For more, watch the lecture online.

The event was part of the 2013 International Year of Statistics, an initiative of over 1900 participating organizations from all over the world who are holding events to celebrate data and promote the importance of statistics.

But we don’t want the conversations to end there!


Tell us, what are your data needs?

It is most fitting that during this year of statistics, Milne is developing a census and data collection for Geneseo.  The purpose of the collection is to provide student, staff and faculty researchers easy access to data; and to provide area entrepreneurs and small businesses access to economic and demographic data for market research.

This collection will be most useful if folks like you have a hand in its development.  Let us know what resources you need in this collection.

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Kindle — Exploring Electronic Book Readers

Milne Library has recently purchased a Kindle, Amazon’s electronic book reader, to evaluate its potential utility as a tool for providing library materials. Loaded with about a dozen titles, Milne’s Kindle is available for 4-hour loan to anyone interested in trying it out.

For many years, Milne Library users have had access to electronic versions of books through sources such as NetLibrary, Google Books, and (most recently) Springer. One limitation to these ebooks is that they need to be read on a computer screen, which is hard on the eyes, provides limited interactive capabilities and is not very portable. In response, ebook readers such the Kindle were developed and are quickly gaining popularity. While the Kindle is by far the most popular ereader, Sony and Barnes & Noble now offer competing products, and together they sold three million units last year. Apple’s new iPad promises to be a competitor in this field as well.

Students in Prof. Chris Pruszynski’s communication seminar (COMN 391) this spring will be using and evaluating the Kindle from technological and pedagogical perspectives, and feedback from the students’ “experiment” will be extremely useful in the Library’s overall assessment.

Changes to the library homepage

While students were away on Spring Break, we’ve been busy!
Thanks to the students, faculty and staff who completed surveys in Fall 2007, the Milne Library Web Team has implemented several design changes which grew out of these recommendations. Improvements include:

  1. Consolidation of QuickLinks on the library homepage and less clutter!
  2. Removal of much of the text from the side columns on the homepage
  3. Addition of direct links to our most “Popular Resources” — right from the homepage!
  4. Spacing of individual news stories farther apart (making them easier to read) and adding an RSS feed for New Books to the bottom of blog’s column. This also has the added benefit of keeping RSS feeds in one column.
  5. New color choices for main page.
  6. The addition of a “Bookmark” badge to all library webpages, thus increasing Web 2.0 functionality to our website and allowing users to bookmark our pages easily.
  7. Removal of underlining for hyperlinks.

Tell us what you think – we want your feedback! If you have questions about any of the changes made to the library website, please contact Kate Pitcher, Web Development Librarian, at [email protected] or by phone at 245-5064.