National Book Review Month! Get Reviewing!

National Book Review Month

It’National Book Review Month - February at SUNY Geneseos @getreviewing time again at SUNY Geneseo!  February is National Book Review Month :   a chance for each of us to tell the world about what we’ve been reading recently, and what we think others should be reading.

NaRMo is a grass-roots organization, based at SUNY Geneseo, and dedicated to increasing the number of book reviews of writers from all styles and backgrounds during the month of February. A collaboration between SUNY Geneseo’s English Department and Milne Library, NaRMo intends to link readers through book reviews and to help initiate conversation about books from an assortment of genres including children’s books, drama, non-fiction, fiction and poetry. This is the first year NaRMo is up and running, and we encourage everyone to get reading and get reviewing! Whether it’s through the official NaRMo site, via a literary journal, or on an online store: post a review of a recent book you want the world to know about.

Here’s how to @getreviewing   for #narmo 2018:  Please join in, whether on the NaRMo websiteTwitterFacebook, or in whatever part of the internet or the physical world makes sense to you: reviews on online retailers, notecards in people’s mailboxes, letters to friends.