Exhibit at Fraser Hall Library: The History of the Book in Medieval Europe !

Nine medieval bound manuscripts, all from Europe and dating between c. 1230 and 1500, are currently on exhibit in Fraser Hall Library through the end of the semester.

The exhibit, which includes three very early printed books from the Library’s Rare Books and Special Collections, can be viewed in Fraser 203 Monday-Wednesday 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. and Thursday-Friday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The selection of manuscripts on exhibit will change weekly, to minimize exposure their exposure to light.

This treasure trove of texts came to Geneseo largely through the efforts of History professor and medievalist, Yvonne Seale, who secured a grant and contracted with Les Enluminures and their Manuscripts in the Curriculum II program, for the semester-long loan. She and some other faculty members are incorporating the materials into their classes so that students can learn, directly from the sources, about how people in the Middle Ages thought, read, learned, crafted, and more.

For more information about viewing the materials, contact Liz Argentieri (argente@geneseo.edu), Special Collections Librarian, Fraser Hall Library.

Nine manuscripts are (in brief):

  • Paris Breviary, c. 1460-80
  • Confessionale, c. 1462
  • Saint Jerome, Miscellany, c. 1450-1500
  • Albert of Padua, c. 1470
  • Cologne Office of the Dead, c. 1487
  • German Psalter, c. 1240-60
  • Paris Pocket Bible, c. 1230-50
  • Juvenal, c. 1460-80
  • Book of Hours, c. 1480
Fraser Hall Library "Bright Ages" Medieval Manuscript Rotating Exhibit throughout the Fall 2021 Semester

“Bright Ages” Medieval Manuscript Rotating Exhibit information