Big Batch of Ebooks Now Available

In January, Milne added more than 16,000 recently published titles to its book collection through a subscription to Springer eBooks. This collection of electronic books covers a wide variety of subject areas, including physics & astronomy, humanities, computer science, behavioral sciences, business & economics, engineering, chemistry & material science, biomedical and life sciences, and lots more. The collection will grow by more than 3,000 brand-new books each year.

Users can discover Springer eBooks held by Milne the same way they find other books — through a keyword, title, author or subject search in the Beta Catalog, WorldCat Local, or GLOCAT. In GLOCAT, users can zero in on these titles by searching “springer” as a document type.

Ebooks are a cost- and space-saving alternative to physical books, and they are more accessible to users. They allow users access to new materials that Milne simply could neither afford to purchase in print nor accommodate in the existing shelf space. And ebooks are available at all times, not just when the Library is open.