Education Majors: The Imaginarium is for YOU!

Education majors - create your displays in the Imaginarium!

The Imaginarium is a space that was created with education majors in mind, providing resources in order to aid with lesson plans and other assignments. Some of these resources include a die cut machine, a paper cutter, and a cart of items that are available during office hours or upon request. The cart contains items such as construction paper, rulers, scissors, glitter, MIlne Library Imaginarium die cut machinetape, and many other items that would be valuable regarding lesson plans. We are open to adding new supplies to the cart and encourage suggestions based on what materials classes may require.

The Imaginarium is maintained by Imaginarium Curators, Cassidy Graham and Meghan Colbath. As the curators, we create sample lesson plans that are found within the TERC area. This demonstrates an integration of TERC materials with Imaginarium resources, as well as  presenting ideas for Imaginarium Curationlesson content and visual displays. The curators are also responsible for holding office hours, which are held on Mondays from 4 – 5:30pm, as well as Wednesdays 2:30-3pm. During these office hours, you may utilize the resources available as well as ask any questions you may have about your block classes. We are always willing to help and look forward to meeting many new students within the Education field. Michelle Costello is the coordinator of this space and serves as another amazing resource. Any questions you have about the Imaginarium, TERC, or other education related topics can also be directed to her. We have many exciting ideas that we hope to implement this semester!

The Imaginarium truly is what you make of it. As education majors, it is very rare to have a space that is designated specifically with you in mind, making the Imaginarium a special space for all students. It is a space meant to allow you to express your inner creativity in order to enhance lesson plans for students. The space can be used to make posters, manipulatives and much more. Please come explore, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!Imaginarium at Milne Library Display - Fishing for a good book

Article by: Cassidy Graham and Meghan Colbath