The Frontiers of Space: Where will we be in the next ten years?

On October 18th we are fortunate to have astrophysicist, Dr. Joel Primack, presenting on the future of space exploration. A leading cosmologist and member of the National Research Council’s Beyond Einstein Program Assessment Committee (BEPAC), Dr. Primack will appear in Milne 104 at 7:00 PM on October 18th to discuss BEPAC’s conclusions, which were released September 5, 2007.

Before 2004, NASA’s Beyond Einstein program comprised ambitious missions to explore cosmological questions such as the nature of dark energy, all of which were infinitely postponed when NASA’s emphasis shifted to the Moon and Mars. Under pressure from Congress, BEPAC was formed to advise on how to restart the program. Primack will explain the report’s proposed strategy for continued U.S. exploration of the universe.

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How is this related to the Hubble Space Telescope and why should you care about space exploration? Take a few minutes to watch this video and learn more about what this extraordinary space observatory has taught us about our world and universe. Then imagine how much more we can learn if we continue our quest with the technologies being developed today.

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