Searching for picture books by reading level

CLCDSliderWhile you may not be able to search by reading level in Milne Library’s GLOCat+, we have access to a great resource where you can–the Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database (CLDC.)

This database allows you to search, not only by reading level–by age range, grade level or specific reading metrics like the Lexile Range–but by genre, interest level, and more.

FirstLet’s say you want to find picture books for 3rd or 4th graders about what where our trash goes or how we can reduce our trash. Put in your search terms, and then to the right specify an age range or a grade level. If you know exactly what reading level you need, look down to the bottom for the Reading Metrics.

The other helpful thing about the CLCD is that most of the entries provide reviews to the books so you can get an idea of whether it might be helpful to you. Many records also provide the book cover to give you an idea of the style of illustrations.

Once you find a book you think you’d like to use, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and look for the WorldCat Record link. This will bring you to another database that will let you see whether Milne owns the book, or if not, where you can request it through IDS.


In WorldCat you can use the “Search the catalog link” to see where the book might be in Milne Library, or click the “Get It” link to request the item through IDS.


Other helpful features of the CLCD include being able to search award winners or reading lists, more specific subject searches, and the ability to search the reviews. Want an example of an unsuccessful book? Or a book that got rave reviews?

For more resources about searching for children’s literature or reading levels, check out the Lesson Planning LibGuide!

~  Written by Allison Brown, Evening and Weekend Manager (