New Resource Trials: Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database: QuickFind K-12 and STEMExplore!

The Library is currently running a trial of two add-ons to the Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD): QuickFind K-12 and STEMExplore.

The add-ons can be accessed by clicking the buttons on the top menu of the CLCD homepage:

CLCD Quickfind K-12 STEMExplore dashboard navigation

Both add-ons complement the primary CLCD database and the primary audience is intended for SOE students but anyone with an interest in Children’s and Young Adult literature may find value in these resources. The trial runs through June 30, 2022.

CLCD’s QuickFind K-12 is a Readers’ Advisory database designed to find great children’s fiction and non-fiction books and media.  The database consists of a million PreK-12 titles, with thousands of reviews, awards, reading levels, lesson plans and more.  The unique Readers Advisory Topic Search feature and Advanced Search interface allow for easy navigation of the database.  The new Award Search feature enables users to view Award winners and nominees.

The STEMExplore database contains the largest collection of STEM-based PreK-12 fiction and nonfiction children’s and young adult books and media titles available today. It uses distinct STEM qualifiers that resulted in over 230,000 unique titles. CLCD’s new search Topic/Sub-Topic plus age, grade, or reading level qualifiers is ideal for finding the best STEM books for Project Based Learning and Literacy Reading Programs.

Please send any questions or feedback about the trials to Alana Nuth at