New Format for Plagiarism Workshops!

Starting this semester, Fall 2019, Milne Library is no longer hosting plagiarism workshops via the GOLD Program. Due to decreased workshop attendance as well as decreased staffing in the library’s Research Instruction department, we have migrated the workshops to an online tutorial format.

The online Plagiarism Tutorial is a self-enroll Canvas course that students may register for at any time. This course covers the same plagiarism concepts covered in our former GOLD workshops, which includes identifying different types of plagiarism, paraphrasing, citing information, and more.

In the Plagiarism Tutorial, students will complete three quizzes that will check their understanding of the material as they progress through it. Students must demonstrate mastery of the tutorial content in order to proceed through the entirety of the tutorial.

Once students meet all tutorial requirements, a completion form is unlocked that the students will fill out to notify their professor of tutorial completion.

Please note, that Canvas works best in Google Chrome. Students may need to access the Plagiarism Tutorial in Chrome if they experience difficulty accessing the completion form. 

If you would like your students to complete the Plagiarism Tutorial, please provide them
this link:

If you have any questions, please submit them to