Nama-Stay: Destress with Chair Yoga with Lee Pierce

Lee Pierce leads our Nama-Stay chair yoga sessions Join Lee Pierce in Fraser 116 at 11AM &/or 3PM today!

Despite what Lululemon and Instagram tell you, yoga doesn’t require any frills. Yoga, which means “breath” is at its heart a simple practice of connecting movement with breath to center yourself and cultivate presence. Join us Tuesday, December 13th for simple movements that anybody can do right from their chair. Pants are required but yoga pants are optional.

Nama-Stay: Destress with Chair Yoga Tuesday, Dec 13th, led by Lee Pierce.

Don’t have time or just can’t make the two sessions but want to benefit from practicing yoga? Here are several resources to get started on your own:

Adriene performs Warrior Pose, using a chair for support. Chair Yoga is the title of the specific video being referenced.Yoga with Adriene is a YouTube channel dedicated to yoga sessions that are easy and accessible to anyone with any level of yoga experience. Start with her Chair Yoga videos, as they are perfect to practice while sitting at your desk for rejeuvenating study breaks!

Logos for Headspace and Meditation Oasis productsMeditation can be done in any space, at any time, so long as you give yourself the mental space. Don’t know where to begin? Try Headspace on the app store with a 7 or 14 day free trial period. It has guided meditations for first timers, frequent meditators, and everyone in-between! There’s also the Meditation Oasis podcast (why clutter your phone with an app when you can just stream a podcast!) with over 50 different kinds of guided meditations for things as specific as “Mini break for Work or Study” and as general as “Relax into Sleep“. “Body Balance” is a personal favorite!  Not everyone enjoys the same approaches to relaxation. Maybe you’d like a little more rhythm in your music? You can always hop over to Spotify and search for mindfulness playlists to find your perfect balance of sonic relaxation.

Dr. Beth Cholette sits in a meditative pose.Finally, there are a number of great resources to use from Dr. Beth’s Mind-Body Pages, including links to available campus resources for counseling, yoga, monitoring your mental health, and coping with college.