Living the Mayan calendar cycle

LivingMayaThe time has finally come.  As the minutes tick away to the end of this day, December 21, 2012, will the world end? Do you still believe in the premonitions and soothsayers?

Here’s an interesting story from Professor Emerita Ellen Kintz who has devoted her life’s work to researching, supporting and living in a prosperous and healthy Mayan community.  She has seen the clock strike midnight on the Mayan calendar . . . and lives to tell about it.

“I was in Mexico in early June 2006…actually on the 6th of June.  So the date was 6 – 6 – 6.

That night when I was going off to sleep in my hammock, my friend, Maria, said to me, “so…I won’t see you in the morning.”

“Oh,” I replied, “why not???”

“Well, it is 666, the sign of the devil and so tomorrow, everything will be gone.”

“Really!!!” I exclaimed

“Oh Elena, hahahaha,” she laughed. “It is just a story…about numbers…see you in the morning.”

“So, what will it be when the end of the Maya baktun happens in December 2012?  I don’t know, but the Maya concept of time is linear AND cyclical.  You can actually see what is going to happen if you look behind you in time.  What I have learned from the Maya is that there are many ways to look at the world and the items in it, and the passage of time and relationships.  Their counsel and unique ways, that has made all the difference in my life.

I don’t know what you might post to the blog, but the end of the Maya cycle . . . certainly a wonderful time!”

– Dr. Ellen Kintz, Anthropology