Library Staff Pets: Meet Saoirse, Fianna, and Galen!

Cat Fianna - Tracy

Meet Librarian Tracy‘s beautiful trio of cats: Saoirse, Fianna, and Galen!

Cat Saoirse - Tracy

Saoirse may barely tip the scale at 7 pounds, but this long-haired tor-tabbie runs the roost! She loves to climb up high and she revealed her name (“freedom” in Gaelic) due to her surfing the tops of open doors. Both she and her litter-mate, Fianna, were born in a barn, but Saoirse mostly just hangs out on her caretaker as though they are her personal throne.

Cat Fianna - Tracy

Fianna is the sweetest lovebug whose preferred place is in her babywrap, snuggled in close to her caretaker in order to slather them in slobber. Mind, she is also known to pet her human as a gentle reminder that worship is required at all times, in case they have forgotten. The Celts called their bands of warriors Fianna, which suits her very well as she is extremely territorial and is the one who gifts the occasional, ahem, “gifts.”

Cat Galen - Tracy

Galen: from the Gaelic, meaning “tranquil”. It is also the name of a well-known healer/surgeon in Roman times. In the 3 years since, I’ve taken to calling her “Thud” because that is the thing you hear moments after calling her name. She’s a COVID-baby, born in March of 2020 and was found under a parked car by a neighbor. She’s a Tortie, polydactyl on her front paws, and loves nothing better than to splay in a window hammock.Not a day goes by when Galen doesn’t do something to make her human laugh, simply because she’s such a goof.