Library Staff Pets: Meet Finn, Isis, and Jenny!

Meet Research Instruction Librarian Sherry‘s trio of cats: Finn, Isis, and Jenny! 


Finn Sherry's cat

“Finn was rescued from some boys who were trying to throw him in a creek (!). We adopted him from the rescuer & he’s been part of our family since December 2016. He’s our big boy!”


Isis Sherry's cat just waking up

“Isis is the most easily alarmed cat in the universe & isn’t terribly bright…she’s super-affectionate, but when her one neuron fires & she decides she needs to be two rooms away, if she’s been on your lap, her claws will definitely get your attention!”


Baby Jenny Sherry's cat

“One of Jenny’s nicknames is “Empress of All She Surveys.” She’s the oldest of our three cats & definitely the top dog!”