Digital Media Lab Recording Studio

The Digital Media Lab Recording Studio in Milne Library was created to give the college community a location to record live audio & video and for making screen recordings. Over this past summer the studio was renovated and relocated to Room 210. It is right next to the Digital Media Lab (DML) in Milne and is accessible from the DML.

Milne Digital Media Lab Recording Studio Room 210

Digital Media Lab Recording Studio in Milne Library Room 210

The new recording room has three unique areas to support a variety of live recording needs. There is a semi-enclosed single seat sound absorption area for making live screen recordings, with or without a webcam, using Camtasia for Windows or Mac and for making audio recordings or podcasts using GarageBand or Audacity.  There is group area for those needing to record group audio such as group discussions or interviews and an area to setup a tripod and video camera to make on camera video recordings. The studio is equipped with a dual boot Mac Pro with a Blue Yeti Microphone and is lined with sound absorption material. There are sound absorbing blankets that can be hung over the doors to reduce outside noise.

Podcast and Screen Recording Station

Podcast and Screen Recording Station

The room is restricted to those who need to make live recordings. Reservations are required. Select room 210 as your room preference when making the reservation.

Please allow 2 business days to confirm your room reservation. An email will be sent to you once your reservation has been made. Just stop at the service desk in Milne and tell them you have a reservation and need the door opened.

For more information or assistance, please visit

Sound blankets

Sound Blankets to Cover Door