Blue and White Day is Friday, September 3

People across America will be sporting their favorite
college or university apparel throughout the day on Friday, September 3.
Spread the word and don’t forget to wear your Geneseo colors!

Silly Bands on Blue and White Day: the first teams to use their silly bands to correctly spell GENESEO and present it to Chip Matthews at 10am and 2pm in College Union room 321, will be awarded with Geneseo gear for each member of the team. Each team must consist of 3 students and 1 staff or faculty member and all must be present their silly bands.

Seuss Spruce: Some of the silly band packages also contain a card with the Seuss Spruce on it.  Those who present their Seuss Spruce along with their Emergency/Stand Up cards to Chip Matthews  in the College Union room 321 during Blue and White Day will be awarded Geneseo gear as well.

The main focus of the emergency card/silly band package is to promote safety and responsibility on our campus, a project generously funded with revenue generated from the Corner Pocket.