Voicethread workshop

If you’ve ever used electronic discussion boards, e-mail lists, blogs or wikis to stimulate class discussion beyond the classroom, you might know that these tools entail a lot of reading, clicking back and forth to follow the conversation and may lack in expression and student emphasis (and meaning) based on how he/she writes.

Voicethread, a collaborative “spoken” discussion space, allows participants to record, phone-in and even visually present (via webcam) their thoughts and reactions.  While still asynchronous, students are able to hear their classmates’ comments and then react with further responses.

Join members of the Teaching & Learning Center and Milne Library’s Instructional Design Team to learn more about this emerging technology and discuss ways in which it can be used to enliven discussions outside of classtime.

Voicethread workshop, sponsored by the TLC and Milne Library’s Instructional Design Team
Thursday, November 15, 2012
2:30-3:30 pm, Milne 208
Please RSVP by 11/13, tlc@geneseo.edu

Light refreshments will be served.