TLC Workshop: Increase Student Learning

TLClogoNext week, the TLC will host a two-part course design workshop (10-11:30 am – Tue, 1/15 and Thur, 1/17 – attend either or both).  Brian Morgan (School of Ed), Kim Davies Hoffman and Michelle Costello (Milne Library) will lead an interdisciplinary hands-on session that we hope will spark many creative thoughts and problem solving ideas that can bring new life to lessons we (the faculty) have taught over the years.  As you know, teaching is a constant work in progress and different eyes outside of your discipline may be able to generate new and exciting activities to get your students even more involved and invested in their learning.  If nothing else, this workshop serves to bring a number of different professors from across campus together to discuss issues of teaching.

Following are the full details of the workshop.

A little discomfort goes a long way: Increase student learning through critical evaluation of teaching

A pair of hands-on workshops – attend either or both – that introduce practical applications of theory that can enhance student learning in all disciplines.

Participants should bring a syllabus to this workshop.

In the first workshop, participants will:

  •     reflect on their discipline as it relates to Liberal Arts
  •     connect theory, practice and disciplinary knowledge to engage students
  •     share challenges and ideas with colleagues across the college community
  •     consider existing learning objectives and different ways to enact them
  •     develop methods to create interactive lessons

In the second workshop, participants will:

  •     share revised lesson plans with fellow colleagues
  •     discuss and provide feedback to further refine ideas
  •     develop a forum for ongoing communication and exchange of ideas

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