The scoop on iTunes U

iTunes U is a dedicated area within the iTunes store featuring free content such as lectures, language lessons, audiobooks, and campus tours. iTunes U was created in 2007 in collaboration with colleges and universities with the intent to give free access to educational materials.

Apple’s vice president, Eddy Cue,notes that “Education is a lifelong pursuit and we’re pleased to give everyone the ability to download lectures, speeches and other academic content for free.”

Content can be downloaded directly to an iPod, iPhone, Mac or PC. iTunes U contains over 75,000 files from top universities, museums, and public media organizations from all over the world including; Stanford, UC Berkeley, Duke and MIT.

A 2007 news article Is iTunes U for You? by MIT physics professor, Walter Lewin, sums up this new product well by noting, “Very few people have the ability to get a degree from MIT as students, so why not open the world to our best courses?”

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