Switching from Google Reader to Feedly?

For those of you who have made the switch from Google Reader to Feedly…

Feedly is in the process of migrating your Google Reader content to their own servers. In order for this to work right, Feedly is recommending that you update your web browsers to version 16.

  • Chrome: Open your chrome extensions (from the toolbar select Window then Extensions) and make sure you’re using version 16.0.514. If not, click on “update.”
  • Firefox & Safari: go to Feedly and install the app (remember to restart your browser too!)
  • iOS: go to your app store and update for version 16.0.1 then restart the app.
  • Android: go to your app store and update for version 16.0.5 then restart the app.(If unsure what version you have, you can always uninstall/reinstall)

For more info, check out the Feedly Blog.