Supporting Innovation in Liberal Arts Education

Photo By: Flickr User Interact Egypt – Play Innovation

Milne Library’s very own Mark Sullivan has been accepted by the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE) as a member of their Innovation Studio Team.  The Innovation Studio offers a format for librarians, information technologists, and others from across the NITLE Network to “tackle thorny challenges facing liberal education.”  The Innovation Studio is charged with producing cutting-edge solutions to critical issues in liberal education and a group of entrepreneurial, knowledgeable leaders who are prepared to build a strong future for liberal education.

Mark Sullivan is perfect for this role and we’re excited to see how this project develops!  As part of the Milne Library Management Team, he has worked to find solutions for maintaining and improving the Library’s level of service in a declining budget.  He’s our secret weapon and “man behind the curtain” for the IDS Project’s systems, the Getting It System Toolkit (GIST) and the open journal system (OJS).  When asked what Mark perceived as a current “thorny issue” he stated that the rising cost of journals is having a big impact on all aspects of the library’s budget.  He thinks we should address this issue with Open Access Journal Systems.

Mark Sullivan, newly-minted member of NITLE’s Innovation Studio

Mark is imaginative and often sees alternatives that others do not.  He is comfortable taking the lead or being a team player and has strong research skills, especially in technology and law (for which he has a J.D.).  Milne Library is fortunate to have had him as the Systems Administrator for twelve years; his responsibilities have included designing and writing several web and desktop applications and the traditional server maintenance.  In January, 2011, Mark became the Chair of the ITS Department in Milne Library, and two of his biggest weaknesses are chocolate and puns!

We should also mention that CIT’s Kirk Anne has also had his proposal accepted for the Innovation Lab! You can read more about both SUNY Geneseo tech wizards here on the Innovation Studio’s blog.