Spotlight on TERC!

For those of you who don’t know, TERC stands for Teacher Education Resource Center. Our TERC area is on the lower level of Milne Library. You may have noticed a lot of changes going on down there to improve the appearance and make it easier to use.  We had a great team from the library working on this.

Michelle Costello, our Education and Instructional Design Librarian, has played a key role in planning this extraordinary project.

Sheila Freas, who has worked in Milne Library for over 20 years, is the support staff for the Teacher Education Resources Center. Sheila has been extremely beneficial in maintaining the collection. She supervises the shelving of curriculum material and assists students in locating items in that area, as well as keeping the Imaginarium in order and assisting students with technical issues. She is also the person responsible for the marvelous displays.

Our Cataloging Librarian, Joan Cottone, has been instrumental in de-selecting those old, battered books and selecting shiny new ones for TERC.  Without her expertise, this process would have taken years.

If you have suggestions for additions to this collection, please leave a comment to this post.  We love feedback!