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What are your best memories?

Alumni from the class of 1957 and the classes of 1967 & 1968 will be returning to campus this weekend to celebrate their 50th and 40th reunions, respectively.

Members of the class of 1967 & 1968 will be registering in the Milne Library Lobby and treated to an exhibit from the Library Archives. Special Collections Librarian Liz Argentieri has pulled together a display of college history, including issues of the Lamron, commencement bulletins, registration schedules and orientation pamphlets.

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Milne Library opened in 1966. Do you remember remember the new library opening?

FACULTY: Are you satisified with your students’ scholarly research skills?

Contributing to the 4th annual Teaching and Learning Conference at SUNY Geneseo, Dr. Ellen Kintz (Anthropology) and Instruction Librarian Kim Davies Hoffman presented an informative and eye-opening session entitled, Transformation of Student to Scholar: Collaborative Research within the Millenial Classroom. To complete the full triangular collaborative model discussed by Kintz and Davies Hoffman, Geneseo students Tom Cardot (Senior, Anthropology with a Biology minor) and Felice La Pietra (Junior, Education/English) also spoke to conference attendees about their much improved level of scholarship as a result of the seamless integration of research skills into anthropological course content. See ANTH 229: Ethnography and Film as an example.

Conference participants were asked to reflect upon the scholarly research skills taught in each professor’s subject discipline and whether or not the corresponding academic departments placed emphasis on transforming their majors into scholars within the field. Comments from the group indicate that little attention is currently paid to raising the bar on students’ scholarly aptitudes within a specific field of study and that professors do not typically collaborate with librarians to achieve a higher level of student information literacy.

FACULTY: Please let Milne Library know (by commenting below) your biggest frustrations/complaints with how your students conduct their research.

Also, please comment on the biggest obstacle(s) that you see holding you back from working more closely with SUNY Geneseo’s instruction librarians.

Thank you for your continued support and assistance!

For more information on the Kintz/Davies Hoffman presentation, please contact Dr. Ellen Kintz (245-5276) or Kim Davies Hoffman (245-5046).

Did high school adequately prepare you for college?

On Friday, May 4, Kim Davies Hoffman attended the Spring Conference of the Western New York/Ontario (WNY/O) chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). The title of the conference was “Blur and Blend: Connecting Our Communities” and consisted of four sessions focused on librarian efforts to reach out beyond the physical library.

One of the more interesting and interactive presentations was offered by a working group of Rochester-area librarians, each situated in very different library settings – BOCES, Wilson Magnet High School, Rochester City Schools, Brockport High School, Monroe Community College, Bryant & Stratton College, SUNY Brockport, and the University of Rochester. The panel of speakers introduced the document, “Core Library and Research Skills Grade 9-14+,” that their committee has developed over the past few years and discussed various collaborative projects that have lessened the communication gap between high school and college librarians. The main objective of the ongoing conversations is to identify reasonable expectations of an entering college freshman’s level of research aptitudes and attitudes and the efforts and skills needed at the high school level to adequately prepare graduating high school seniors. With high school and college librarians working together, we hope to create a more seamless and less anxiety-ridden transition of high school to college-level research.

Now that you are immersed in SUNY Geneseo’s expectations of college-level research, what information-seeking skills and attitudes do you wish your high school librarian had stressed more emphatically?

Writing Center Hours Update

The Writing Learning Center(s) will be closed for the semester effective Thursday, May 3rd.

The Centers will be open during the following times:

1:00 – 5:00 Welles, Room 217
8:00 – 11:00 Milne Library

1:00 – 5:00 Welles, Room 217
8:00 – 11:00 Milne Library

1:00 – 5:00 Welles, Room 217
8:00 – 11:00 Milne Library

What type of library space do you like to study in?

As finals approach, many of you will be spending additional time in the library finishing presentations and studying for exams. Where do you like to study in the library?

We may have the resources to build some additional casual study space in the near future, and we need your input on what types of chairs, sofas, tables and other items to include.

Do you use the TV rockers? Do you prefer the leather easy chairs? Do you need a place to plug in your laptop? A place to put your coffee? Click on the “comments” link below and let us know what kind of casual study space you would use.

Kim Davies Hoffman receives Chancellor’s Award

Kim Davies Hoffman, who began working as a reference and instruction librarian here at Milne Library in 1999, has been awarded the 2007 SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Librarianship. In addition to impressive work in all areas of librarianship including one-on-one reference service, Davies Hoffman has done her best work in the area of library instruction. She has developed superb instruction methods, continually experimenting to respond to changing classroom environments, changing information technology, and changing student populations. Davies Hoffman has made a name for herself in the library world and has raised the reputation of Geneseo and our library, but more importantly, she skillfully guides SUNY Geneseo students so that they critically examine information sources and become aware of their own growth as critical thinkers.

Dr. Ellen Kintz, a professor in the Anthropology department with whom Davies Hoffman has collaborated extensively, nominated her.

Sue Ann Brainard, reference and instruction librarian, also nominated Ms. Hoffman for the award, and other librarians, faculty, and students wrote in support of her nomination.

Nominees for the award need to meet several criteria:

  • Skill in librarianship
  • Service to SUNY Geneseo
  • Service to the profession
  • Scholarship and professional growth

Kim’s contributions to the field include her work with professors to integrate library instruction into their courses, teaching and writing.

Congratulations to Kim for earning this prestigious award!

Kim Davies is now Kim Hoffman

Reference and Instruction Librarian Kim Davies got married on March 31st to Brian Hoffman at Belhurst Castle in Geneva, N.Y. Brian and Kim recently returned from their honeymoon in Las Vegas. Ms. Davies can now be referred to as Kim Davies Hoffman. Look for changes to her web page and her new email address soon. Congratulations to Kim and Brian!