Learn the ABCs of Database Searching

Milne Library’s Instructors have been involved in the GOLD (Geneseo Opportunities for Leadership Development) program for a few semesters now. Through the Ruby Certificate, we offer workshops in Information Literacy, which include topics such as database searching, locating subject-specific resources, evaluation of research materials, plagiarism, internet security, and new technologies.

The first workshop in a series of required classes for completion of the Ruby Certificate is The ABCs of Database Searching. In this introductory workshop, students will learn the basic mechanics of a database, which could include web engines like Google, the databases subscribed to by the Library, or a free database on the web. Students will discover helpful tips and strategies that are used in any kind of database to help improve their searches, find better resources, and save time.

The first of two ABCs workshops will be offered on Thursday, February 8, during the all-college hour (12:45-1:45 pm). Participants will meet in Room 104 of Milne Library.

For further information on the GOLD program and how to sign up for workshops, go to http://gold.geneseo.edu or contact Tom Matthews at [email protected] or 245-5857.

What’s new at TERC

Barbara Clarke, the head of the Teacher Education Resource Center at Milne Library and I spoke recently about what’s new this semester. Here is a bit of our discussion:

J.P.: So, Barbara, what’s happening this semester in TERC?

B.C.: One big change is that we are in the process of merging the resources for teaching disabled children from a separate section of TERC into the general K-12 collection. The materials for disabled children will be distinguishable by color-coded labels, but will be integrated with other materials on that subject.

J.P.: What kind of classes are available for teachers at the library?

B.C.: I teach library instruction sessions for education classes each semester where the students learn about curriculum planning resources, manipulatives, videos, software, sound recordings, puppets and other resources they may borrow to plan lessons and use in practica.

I also teach classes about researching topics in education for papers and other
projects and team-teach workshops for student teachers with Dan Kelly (School of Education), Tracy Paradis (Reference and Instruction Librarian) and Steve Dresbach (Milne Library’s Technology Instructor). These workshops prepare students for integrating technology into their lessons using laptop and projector kits, scanners,cameras and various software.

J.P.: Thanks, Barbara. It sounds like Education majors have a good deal of support at TERC.

New technology workshops offered as part of the G.O.L.D. Ruby certificate

Milne Technology Instructor Steve Dresbach is now offering technology workshops as part of the Geneseo Opportunities for Leadership Development (GOLD) Ruby Certificate.

The Ruby Certificate gives students the opportunity to learn better research skills, effectively evaluate internet resources and use information in a more proficient manner.

Mr. Dresbach will be teaching some new optional courses in the use of audio, video and templates in PowerPoint presentations, creating newsletters and advanced formatting in Word, and finding audio and video clips on the internet. Classes in Excel will be offered by Laura Cook, Manager, Instructional Technologies, from the Computing and Information Technology office.

Completion of eight workshops, four required and four elective courses, will earn students the Ruby Certificate. In addition to becoming better researchers, students will be able to demonstrate to future employers their skill at finding, evaluating and using reliable information.

Students can register online for GOLD workshops or contact Steve Dresbach at x5063 for more information on the new course offerings

Yucatec Maya Exhibit Opens

Two new exhibits about Maya life are open for viewing at Milne Library through March 7, 2007.

“Maya Portraits: Poverty and Community Transformation, Cobá, Quintana Roo, México” and “Yucatec Maya Huipiles | Vestidos de los Indígenas” seek to raise awareness of the lives, rural poverty and community transformation among Yucatec Maya women. Photographs, sculptural carvings, and other artifacts portray the activities in a small village in Quintana Roo, Mexico. This is based on Dr. Ellen Kintz’s fieldwork and development work in the village since 1982.

The displays are sponsored by the College’s Anthropology department and Milne Library. For more information, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Librarian Kate Pitcher on Maternity Leave

Beginning Feb. 1, 2007 Kate Pitcher, Milne library’s web development manager and reference/instruction librarian, will be on maternity leave until July 1, 2007. She and her husband, Jeff, are anticipating a Feb. 12 due date for the birth of their first child. All signs indicate that a baby boy is on the way!

While Kate’s gone, website issues will be handled by Bonnie Swoger, collection development by Liz Argentieri and Theresa Mastrodonato, and instruction will be shared among the instruction librarians.

Check Milne Library News during the coming weeks for an “official” birth announcement!

Federal tax forms have arrived!

Through Milne Library’s participation in the Federal Depository Library Program, every January, we receive shipments of pre-selected federal tax forms to serve the Geneseo community. Additionally, we receive New York State tax forms, which are due to arrive soon.

Tax forms can be found on a multi-tiered rack on the main floor of Milne Library, near the large group study area that looks out onto the Genesee Valley. The forms are sitting to the left of our old card catalog.

Because all tax forms are also accessible online (http://www.irs.gov for federal forms; http://www.tax.state.ny.us/ for New York State forms), Milne Library only carries a small selection of forms; typically those that are most heavily used (1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040X, 8863 Education Credits, etc.).

For further information or assistance with locating tax forms, please see Tom Ottaviano at the Circulation Desk (phone: 245-5213, e-mail: [email protected]).

Teaching & Learning conference announced for May 18th

The Teaching & Learning Center, housed in Milne Library 208, has announced the one-day Conference on Faculty-Student Partnerships: Current Trends of Technology in Teaching & Learning, scheduled for Friday, May 18, 2007.

Two keynote presentations are scheduled on the topic of technology in the classroom. Dr. Judith Boettchner will give a presentation on teaching and learning in high-tech contexts, and Mr. Dean Pape is presenting a talk on using collaborative social software technologies such as blogs, wikis and IMs in the classroom.

For a full schedule of events, or to submit a conference proposal, go to the Teaching & Learning Center Conference website at http://tlc.geneseo.edu/conference/index.php

Librarian, Tom Ottaviano, moves to a new office

With so many recent staff changes and an immediate need for space reallocation, Reference/Instruction/Government Documents Librarian, Tom Ottaviano, now calls his desk at the Circulation Desk “home.” Despite the new location (Nancy Greco’s previous office area), Tom’s roles and responsibilities have not changed. He continues to maintain the government documents collection (mostly housed in Fraser), work at the Reference Desk, participate in Milne Library’s Instruction program, and assist with classroom scheduling and oversight. The only additional modification in Tom’s duties is that he will begin to work Sunday and Tuesday evenings until 1 am, where he will serve as a Circulation Supervisor and Reference Librarian.

Milne Library loses Nancy Greco to SJFC’s Lavery Library

It is with a heavy heart, but the best wishes for a successful future, that Milne Library’s staff and students say goodbye to former Evening Access Services Librarian, Nancy Greco. After acquiring her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from SUNY Geneseo and her Master’s Degree in Library Science from the University at Buffalo, Nancy began a four-year career at Milne Library, first starting as a Reference Intern. During this time, Nancy brought personality, talent, dedication, and friendship to her colleagues and student workers. Nancy’s experiences at Milne Library included Reference Desk service, teaching library instruction sessions, working with Student Athletes and Greek organizations, creating library resource displays and art exhibitions, and assisting with Summer Orientation.

In her current position, Head of Circulation, at St. John Fisher’s Lavery Library, Nancy will continue to share that unforgettable smile and infectious laugh with a new staff of supervisors and student workers. Additionally, Nancy will be involved in the Library’s instruction program and service at the Reference Desk.

Evenings at Milne Library will never be the same . . . Good luck Nancy!

Welcome to another New Librarian, Jennifer Potter

Milne Library welcomes our newest reference librarian, Jennifer Dennis Potter, to our staff. Jennifer recently managed an Art: 21 Museum/Library partnership grant project as library assistant at Niagara University, which introduced students to contemporary artists and the library’s collection. She also worked on an oral history project with the Black Pioneers of Niagara Falls; organizing volunteers, transcribing videos and filming elderly African American citizens of Niagara Falls, NY.

Before coming to librarianship, Jennifer worked in commercial photography and TV commercial production and owned a portrait and wedding photography business. She completed The Professional Residency Program at the Maine Photographic Workshops, her BFA in studio art at Binghamton University and will graduate from UB with her MLS in February 2007. Jennifer enjoys running, hiking and drawing. She is looking forward to meeting and working with students, faculty and staff!