Milne Library News and Events

The travels and adventures of our CD collection

Things never stay in the same place for long here at Milne, and our CD collection is no exception.

Over the summer we rearranged a lot of offices, classrooms, and technology here in the library. As a result, the CD collection has been moved to the third floor (the upper floor) at the top of the main stair case.

In addition to the new location, we are interested in expanding the collection. What types of music do you like to borrow from the library? Leave some suggestions in the comments below to help us expand the collection.

The 2007 IDS Conference

Over 80 participants are in Milne Library today for the first day of the annual IDS Conference. The IDS Conference is a gathering of ILL librarians, staff and administrators of over 20 different libraries in New York State, who meet yearly to discuss the IDS Project, an information delivery services project designed to create more effective ways to share library resources. Each of the libraries in the project agrees to a set of performance standards, such as borrowing or loaning journal articles with certain turnaround times, in order work together cooperatively towards a common goal. For more details about the conference or The IDS Project, please contact the Project Director, Ed Rivenburgh, at [email protected].

Kate Pitcher is back from maternity leave

You may have already seen her in the library since the beginning of July, but Kate Pitcher is officially back in Milne Library, working full-time. Although Kate would not describe the months between February and July as “relaxing,” she would certainly tell you how thrilled she was to have time to bond with her baby boy, Griffin.

The staff at Milne Library are happy to have Kate back on a regular basis.

FACULTY: Start thinking about library instruction requests for fall

The Fall 2007 semester is just around the corner and faculty and staff are busy preparing for the first day of classes. Before it slips your mind, request library instruction for fall classes and beat the September rush. Schedule instruction through the Library Instruction page on the library’s website. Or, contact Bonnie Swoger, Instructional Support Associate, for more details regarding rooms and technology support in the classrooms.

Milne Library says goodbye to Mary McGrath

Milne Library is saying farewell on Friday, July 6th to one of our outstanding employees – Mary McGrath, IDS Lending Manager. Mary worked in Milne Library for 35 years and was an integral part of the IDS team, helping students and faculty with requests and always ready with a friendly smile for anyone who dropped by the IDS office. Mary also worked in the business library when it was housed in Fraser. She will be missed, but will enjoy her retirement. Everyone at Milne wishes Mary the best!

What are your best memories?

Alumni from the class of 1957 and the classes of 1967 & 1968 will be returning to campus this weekend to celebrate their 50th and 40th reunions, respectively.

Members of the class of 1967 & 1968 will be registering in the Milne Library Lobby and treated to an exhibit from the Library Archives. Special Collections Librarian Liz Argentieri has pulled together a display of college history, including issues of the Lamron, commencement bulletins, registration schedules and orientation pamphlets.

Tell us about your favorite library moments by clicking the “comments” link below.

Milne Library opened in 1966. Do you remember remember the new library opening?

FACULTY: Are you satisified with your students’ scholarly research skills?

Contributing to the 4th annual Teaching and Learning Conference at SUNY Geneseo, Dr. Ellen Kintz (Anthropology) and Instruction Librarian Kim Davies Hoffman presented an informative and eye-opening session entitled, Transformation of Student to Scholar: Collaborative Research within the Millenial Classroom. To complete the full triangular collaborative model discussed by Kintz and Davies Hoffman, Geneseo students Tom Cardot (Senior, Anthropology with a Biology minor) and Felice La Pietra (Junior, Education/English) also spoke to conference attendees about their much improved level of scholarship as a result of the seamless integration of research skills into anthropological course content. See ANTH 229: Ethnography and Film as an example.

Conference participants were asked to reflect upon the scholarly research skills taught in each professor’s subject discipline and whether or not the corresponding academic departments placed emphasis on transforming their majors into scholars within the field. Comments from the group indicate that little attention is currently paid to raising the bar on students’ scholarly aptitudes within a specific field of study and that professors do not typically collaborate with librarians to achieve a higher level of student information literacy.

FACULTY: Please let Milne Library know (by commenting below) your biggest frustrations/complaints with how your students conduct their research.

Also, please comment on the biggest obstacle(s) that you see holding you back from working more closely with SUNY Geneseo’s instruction librarians.

Thank you for your continued support and assistance!

For more information on the Kintz/Davies Hoffman presentation, please contact Dr. Ellen Kintz (245-5276) or Kim Davies Hoffman (245-5046).