[This book] was banned? Find out why, and check out a Banned Book today!

“Offensive language.”Check out a banned book today at Milne Library!
“Religious Viewpoint.”
“Being Frightening.”
Many banned or challenged books are well-known. Many more  have some surprising reasons. Please visit our Banned Books  Display on the Main Floor, and check out a banned book from Milne any time of the year!

OASIS: OER Search Tool, built in Milne, now at Milne!

Milne Library at SUNY Geneseo is excited to share with you an OER search tool that we have developed called OASIS (Openly Available Sources Integrated Search)Full URL: https://oasis.geneseo.edu/

We have gathered more than 155,000+ records from 52 different sources that have been carefully selected in collaboration with SUNY OER Services.

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WELCOME, Students! Research Help is here for you!

Welcome, Students! As the semester begins and due dates for your research assignments and projects approach, see what assistance (and time savings) a research librarian can offer you!

Librarians can help you: brainstorm and refine your research topic, locate scholarly research, materials, and/or data, help you cite information, and much more!

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