NY Digital Humanities Symposium hosted at Milne Library

Professor Paul Schacht welcomes attendees of the NYDH SymposiumMilne Library hosted the  NY Digital Humanities Symposium  on Saturday, October 26, 2019.  This year’s theme was “Sustaining Digital Projects, Sustaining Career.” The full-day Symposium consisted of workshops, lightning talks, and roundtable discussions:

  • The Manifold Scholarship Platform (Matt Gold)
  • Git + GitHub for Project Management (Paul Schacht)
  • Preservation of African Cultural Heritage through Digital Tools (Saibu Israel Abayomi)
  • Building and Growing a Digital Library (Doyin Adenuga)
  • Pressbooks as a Publishing Platform (Alexis Clifton, Allison Brown)
  • Clio and the Contemporary: Piloting a DH Website that Connects History to the Present (Sarah King, Julia B. Haager, Chelsea Gibson)
  • Archiving and Accessing Digital Humanities Projects (Elizabeth Lawley, Jessica Lieberman)
  • Holding On, Throttling Back, Managing Expectations: The DH Dance (Mary Jo Orzech)
  • History through Gaming: The value and difficulties of using video games in the classroom (Steven Pitt)
  • Pages from the Past: An Expansive Response to Digital History on a Shoestring Budget (Yvonne Seale
  • Visualizing 19th Century Women of Science (Serenity Sutherland)
  • New Directions for Digital Scholarly Editing (Nikolaus Wasmoen)

For more information: https://nydh.org/