New Database for Primary Resources

Does the mere thought of endless hours of searching through old tomes covered in dust and mold in order to find that piece of primary research for your paper make you cringe? Have you been looking for a way to enjoy some time in a foreign land at a reasonable cost? Then we’ve got the perfect resource for you!


TIMELINE is the newest cutting edge technology that allows students to go directly to the source for the most accurate information, provided by… you! Why rely upon drawing and paintings expressing some artist’s interpretation of a person of historical import? Now you can experience first hand the trek over the Alps by Hannibal or take part  in a protest with suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton. No longer do you need to trust the writings of Plato, when you can hear Socrates speak for himself!

Simply give TIMELINE the date, time, and location of your event or person of interest and find yourself transported into the powerful new Mindviewer technology which allows you to witness those important moments of history for yourself. Get to know the life of a British foot soldier as well as a Patriot from the Revolutionary War.  Better than any video game experience, you can stand in the front lines of natural disasters without fear of death since out patented technology returns you safely home one your subject expires.

Become an expert and Try TIMELINE now! Experience living history.