Netbooks, iPads and a Kindle at the Milne Circulation Desk

Our new Asus Eee Netbooks

The Milne Library service desk now has 45 Asus Eee Netbooks available for 4 hour checkout.  The new netbooks are running Windows 7, and include basic software such as web browsers and Microsoft Office.  With a battery life of over 4 hours, you can get work done in between classes, browse the web, or take one to class with you to take notes.

In addition, the service desk will also be circulating 3 Apple iPads for 4 hour checkout.  The iPads are connected to the Geneseo wireless network, allowing users to browse the web and get the latest news with ease.  Milne Library will be evaluating how students use the iPads and taking suggestions for additional apps.

Finally, we will be circulating a Kindle eBook device to students for a 4 hour loan period.  Students can register the device to their own Amazon Kindle account to read books, blogs, newspapers and magazines, or read the books that have already been downloaded to the device.

Let us know how you are using these new items, or what other tools would be useful to you!