Milne Library to Loan Pets for Finals Week

image courtesy of deborah|silverbees via Flickr

In an effort to provide stress relief for our students during finals week, the service desk at Milne will have puppies and kittens temporarily available for checkout. For students who would like something more low-key, pet rocks will also be available.

Some well-respected psychology professors on campus have hailed the service, saying “It’s a great idea!” They also referenced some scholarly research stating that pets were great for stress relief and that those who have pets actually live longer.

Unfortunately the exact quotation was missed in a moment of distraction when two ferocious kittens began to wrestle.

Kittens will be on loan for one-day check out, pet rocks will be available for three-day loan, and puppies will be available for four-hour loan. However, some puppies may be available for a one-day loan period depending on how well potty trained they are.

Renovations will begin next week in preparation for these new reserve items. Please pardon our dust while we remove two of the shelving units behind the service desk to accommodate the kennels and scratching posts.  Availability will be limited, so we are taking advance reservations.