Milne Library loses Nancy Greco to SJFC’s Lavery Library

It is with a heavy heart, but the best wishes for a successful future, that Milne Library’s staff and students say goodbye to former Evening Access Services Librarian, Nancy Greco. After acquiring her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from SUNY Geneseo and her Master’s Degree in Library Science from the University at Buffalo, Nancy began a four-year career at Milne Library, first starting as a Reference Intern. During this time, Nancy brought personality, talent, dedication, and friendship to her colleagues and student workers. Nancy’s experiences at Milne Library included Reference Desk service, teaching library instruction sessions, working with Student Athletes and Greek organizations, creating library resource displays and art exhibitions, and assisting with Summer Orientation.

In her current position, Head of Circulation, at St. John Fisher’s Lavery Library, Nancy will continue to share that unforgettable smile and infectious laugh with a new staff of supervisors and student workers. Additionally, Nancy will be involved in the Library’s instruction program and service at the Reference Desk.

Evenings at Milne Library will never be the same . . . Good luck Nancy!