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Find more than 1.3 million Middle Age and Renaissance citations via the Iter Bibliography; browse through the Parliament Rolls of Medieval England, and take a digital tour of the Bayeux Tapestry Digital Edition. Milne Library is your source for all resources Medieval!

Iter BibliographyITER Bibliography
A bibliography of more than 1.3 million citations for secondary source material about the Middle Ages and Renaissance, 400-1700.

Parliament Rolls of Medieval England

Transcriptions from the manuscript rolls of all parliaments which survive for the period 1275 to 1504. The transcriptions – in Latin, Anglo-Norman or Middle English – are presented in parallel with a modern English translation. There is also a description of each parliament of the period, including for those of which no roll survives.

Bayeux Tapestry Digital EditionBayeux Tapestry Excerpt

The Bayeux Tapestry remains one of the most celebrated examples of medieval material culture. This eleventh-century textile, over 230 feet in length and just twenty inches high, is an account of the Norman Conquest and the Battle of Hastings.

All three resources can be found in the Database A-Z list, and the Parliament Rolls and Bayeux Tapestry can also be found in the SerialsSolutions Journal Finder.