Looking for a place to study? Try one of our classrooms

Did you know that all of Milne Library’s classrooms are available for student use whenever they aren’t in use for a class?

While our classrooms can be pretty busy during the day with classes and meetings, students can use them to study, chat or sleep whenever there isn’t an event scheduled.

Each of our classrooms is a bit different:

  • Room 104 – The downstairs computer lab, with 40 desktop computers
  • Room 105 – Rectangular and circular tables with plenty of power outlets along the walls
  • Room 109 – Our newest and smallest classroom, the tables have power strips to plug in your laptop
  • Room 213 – Round tables make group work easy (see the image above)

For room locations, see our library floor plans.

In order to find out if space is available, check out the schedule monitors outside of each classroom, or the main schedule monitor in the library lobby.

You can also check the classroom schedule online (click filter to limit the results to rooms in Milne Library).

Student groups can also reserve one of our classrooms for group meetings by filling out this online form.

Questions? Email us.