Know your options before buying course texts

With a new campus textbook vendor and many different choices for accessing required course materials, students may be left struggling with the best (and cheapest) way to access their course readings.

In an effort to provide options before students buy their books, please see the enumerated list below:

1) Follett Higher Education Group, MacVittie Student Union

2) Text Book on Reserve Pilot Program, Milne Library – A limited number of textbooks have been donated by SUNY Geneseo professors while others have been purchased for us by Follett/CAS, allowing students in certain courses to borrow textbooks for 4 hours at a time.

3) Information Delivery Services, Milne Library – While it is not encouraged that students request textbooks through IDS, they are free to order other readings that have been assigned in a course. For example, novels, personal narratives and non-fiction materials may be sent from other libraries if Milne Library does not currently maintain an available copy.

4) Online Options – MSNBC spotlights an article providing suggestions on ways in which college students can save money on their required textbooks. This article only shares a few of the numerous online resources for college students. Following are many more links that could be of interest:


Textbook Rental

Textbook Swap

Comparison Shop

Textbook Resale