Important Printing Account balance information

Still printing out research papers and take-home final exams? Worried about the limit on your printing account balance? Since it’s almost the end of the semester, many students have been asking library and CIT staff about their printing account balance. Corey Ha, Milne Library’s Technology Specialist, answers some questions regarding the printing balance.
Q: What is the initial printing balance?

Students are provided with $30 of free-of-charge printing during each semester.
Q: What happens to the printing balance from Fall semester?
Any positive printing balance remaining at the end of the Fall semester will be carried over and added to $30 of free-of-charge printing balance in the Spring semester. (Note: If the printing balance is in the negative, it won’t be carried over. Student will just receive $30 of free-of-charge printing for the Spring semester).
Q: What happens to the printing balance from Spring semester?
Any printing balance remaining at the end of the Spring semester will be carried over to the Summer. Students registered for a summer session will have $15 of free-of-charge balance added to their account.
Q: What happens when my printing balance reaches $0 and I want to increase it?
When your balance reaches zero, you can no longer print to student access printers. Students can increase their printing account balance by going to the Student Accounts Office, Erwin 103, Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm. The minimum increase is $5.
Check CIT’s website for further printing account balance information and printing policies.