Make the most of your Law research at Milne with HeinOnline search tips! new database at Milne Library

Milne Library’s HeinOnline resource gives you 160 million pages and 200,000 titles of historical, government, and law-related documents. This post offers a  guide for your legal research needs at Milne. The URL to start your law research journey is

Basic Search:hein-online-basic-search

Full Text: This option searches across both the full text AND the metadata of all documents in all HeinOnline databases. From inside a database, this search option is database-specific.

Citation: Use this tab to search for specific citations across all databases. Citation formats used in HeinOnline include Bluebook and alternate citation formats derived from Prince’s Bieber Dictionary of Legal Abbreviations and the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations. Clicking this tab from inside a database will also reveal a link to a collection-specific citation navigator, if one is available.

Catalog: This tab will search across the MARC records of all titles available in HeinOnline. Use this option to search for publications such as journals or books.

Case Law: Enter a case citation to retrieve the full text of case law from either HeinOnline or Fastcase.

Advanced Search:Hein-Online-Advanced-Search

Select Advanced Search to access multiple search fields, which allow users to:
  • Use available metadata fields to formulate a more specific search; these fields will differ depending upon the database being searched.
  • Search within one or more selected subjects and/or titles.
  • Input a date range to further limit search results.
  • Sort search results by relevancy, volume date, and more.
  • Choose one or more section types in which to search.
  • Include or exclude external articles and/or articles falling outside the collection being searched (only from collections which include periodicals)

Search Facets

Use the facets on the left side of the screen to refine search results based on hein-online-search-facetsdatabase, section type, date, and more. Use the pencil and arrow icons, located next to the sort by bar, to modify your search or to search within results. Find related material by clicking on “cited by” links. Look for the ScholarCheck icon throughout the database to view material that pertains to your research topic.


Access HeinOnline via:

or  the Milne Library A-Z Database list.