GOLD Ruby Workshops this week…

Three GOLD workshops (Ruby Certificate) will be held this week in Milne, beginning with Microsoft Access 2007 Level I: Design, Create, and Use Tables on Monday (3/1) from 2-3 p.m. in South Hall 328. Steve Dresbach, Technology Instructor, will focus on the design and creation of tables used to store a collection of related information in a rectangular arrangement of rows and columns.

On Tuesday (3/2), Librarian Sue Ann Brainard, is offering Reading Between the Lines: Detecting Bias in the Media, an introduction to becoming media literate, i.e. knowing how to evaluate and analyze mainstream and alternative media for objectivity, accuracy, and authority. This workshop, (previously called Media Literacy) will show how to identify bias by looking closely at the language used by news media. The workshop will be held in Milne 208 from 2-3 p.m.

Citing Sources in the Sciences will round out the week, on Wednesday (3/3) with Bonnie Swoger, Sciences and Technology Librarian. Participants will review the citation styles commonly used for papers in science classes at Geneseo: APA (American Psychological Association), CSE (Council of Science Editors), NLM (National Library of Medicine), and ACS (American Chemical Society). Styles covered will depend on workshop participants’ needs. After an overview, the focus will go to citing online journal articles, books and websites. Participants will learn about online resources for future help, and gain practice in the citation style of their choice.

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Photo courtesy of via Flickr Creative Commons.