FACULTY: Are you satisified with your students’ scholarly research skills?

Contributing to the 4th annual Teaching and Learning Conference at SUNY Geneseo, Dr. Ellen Kintz (Anthropology) and Instruction Librarian Kim Davies Hoffman presented an informative and eye-opening session entitled, Transformation of Student to Scholar: Collaborative Research within the Millenial Classroom. To complete the full triangular collaborative model discussed by Kintz and Davies Hoffman, Geneseo students Tom Cardot (Senior, Anthropology with a Biology minor) and Felice La Pietra (Junior, Education/English) also spoke to conference attendees about their much improved level of scholarship as a result of the seamless integration of research skills into anthropological course content. See ANTH 229: Ethnography and Film as an example.

Conference participants were asked to reflect upon the scholarly research skills taught in each professor’s subject discipline and whether or not the corresponding academic departments placed emphasis on transforming their majors into scholars within the field. Comments from the group indicate that little attention is currently paid to raising the bar on students’ scholarly aptitudes within a specific field of study and that professors do not typically collaborate with librarians to achieve a higher level of student information literacy.

FACULTY: Please let Milne Library know (by commenting below) your biggest frustrations/complaints with how your students conduct their research.

Also, please comment on the biggest obstacle(s) that you see holding you back from working more closely with SUNY Geneseo’s instruction librarians.

Thank you for your continued support and assistance!

For more information on the Kintz/Davies Hoffman presentation, please contact Dr. Ellen Kintz (245-5276) or Kim Davies Hoffman (245-5046).