Do you fileshare? Don’t get caught by the RIAA!!

Jaimmie Thomas has now been convicted of willfully infringing upon the copyright holder for 24 songs found on her hard drive. This result is no surprise to those following this story. Capitol Records can now lay claim to more than $222,000.00 from the young woman, the first of 20,000 defendants to be brought before the Courts.

The company may recoup some small portion of their lost sales in the short-term through intimidation of their customer base, but some believe that this may backfire on them in the long run. Considering the rate of change in technologies, companies are going to need to change their business model(s) in order to survive. But for now…

Don’t get caught! It could get pricey….

And there isn’t any reason to do it illegally when there are so many ways to have what you want: free and legally! For a start, check out this web guide from digital alchemy.

Ars Technica has a number of articles covering the development and resolution of this event.