Coming Soon: Segway Loans, New Furniture and More!

SegwayThe technology offered by the library just got a whole lot better!   Courtesy of a grant award from the Glen Boyland Foundation, the Service Desk will have fifteen Segways at the beginning of the Fall 2013 semester.  Students, faculty and community members will be able to check out a Segway for a 4-hour loan period (though 1-day loans will be available during special events and alumni reunion).

The grant award also makes it possible for the library to update some of the furniture in the library this summer.  Based on feedback from our recent survey, students have requested improved seating on the upper-level.


Many of those hard plastic chairs in the study carrels will be replaced with brand new Judas Chairs.

The couches on that level will also get an upgradeCouch

“We know study space is at a premium in the library and it is our hope that the new furniture will increase the turn around time for students waiting for places to sit and study,” said Tim Bowersox, Milne’s Access Services Librarian.