Bunk bed installation @ Milne!

The time has finally come! After decades of waiting, Milne Library’s expansion plans will soon begin.

At the top of the list are 300 bunk beds to be installed on the upper level of the Library. Ladders and slides, glow stars on the ceiling, personal video screens and bedding available at Circulation (or BYOB) all complete the package to entice our late night studiers to a restful break. As a special service in the evenings, librarians will be on call to read bedtime stories from 10 PM – 1AM during the Milk & Cookie hours. Tuck in service will be available upon request.

To make room for our new and improved quiet study area, books will be moved to an off-campus storage site.

Other summer updates include:

Purchase of a new database that miraculously does comprehensive research on a given topic and then types the paper for you! This will help save our students time so that they can instead enjoy sunning themselves in our new rooftop pool; a first for academic libraries everywhere! Order a refreshing drink from our swim-up tiki bar, but be careful! Don’t get the books & laptops wet! Special towel warmers, bathing suits, goggles and flippers will all be available for checkout at the Circulation Desk.

Additionally, IDS is adjusting their name to Incredibly Delicious Snacks and will expand their service to include delivery of food items from Books n Bytes throughout the Library. Be sure to place your order via chat using our new “IM a Sandwich” feature! Check out a preview here.

Interested in working at Milne Library? Apply for one of our new job opportunities! Lifeguards, suntan lotion applicators, and waiters are all needed.

In an effort to respond to student input, our changes reflect our dedication to you, our students at SUNY Geneseo, we pose one final question: