Browser Add-ons to Make Your Research Easier

We can all use a bit of help finding and managing the heaps of information that we need for a project.

The Firefox extension Zotero.

Zotero LogoOne of the most time consuming tasks that needs to be completed after writing and before turning in a paper is the formatting of the Works Cited section. Zotero is here to help. Using this add-on, you can save and sort the references for your paper, insert an appropriate citation, and format your bibliography in any of thousands of bibliographic styles (everything from the typical APA and MLA styles to styles from specific journals).

Students can appreciate the amount of time this will save while their professors will like seeing a correctly formatted bibliography.

The LibX toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

This extension can help you find resources more quickly.

First, it allows you to search the Milne Library catalog, GLOCAT, right from the toolbar.

Second, no matter what webpage you are looking at, the tool bar will insert a link for any resources it finds, connecting you to the materials available through Milne Library. For example, when searching, the LibX toolbar will allow you to easily check to see if Milne Library owns a copy of the book you want. Or if you find a journal article cited on a webpage, you can easily get access to the full-text article.

Additional information about these add-ons