Blogging about peer reviewed research

A growing number of scientists are blogging. Amid posts about the tenure process, stories about recent science-related events, and the need to teach science effectively, scientists are taking time to analyze and thoughtfully discuss recently published peer-reviewed articles.

The question becomes – how do you know when this is happening, and how can you purposely seek out these types of blog posts?

The answer is the Blogging about peer reviewed research icon, now available from

In addition to easily identifying posts about peer reviewed research, the icon also makes it possible to aggregate these posts from around the blogosphere. At the moment, these posts can be found at this Technorati search page, and further aggregation efforts will appear soon.

(Incidentally, I’m not using the the icon here because I’m not actually talking about peer research, and I don’t want to confuse people. You’ll have to follow this link to see the icon.)

If you are looking for research ideas, or are wondering about how the science community is reacting to a recent paper, check out these posts.