Artist Lecture in Milne, Monday, March 23rd

Milne Library invites you to hear Marilyn Anderson present on her work which is now on display in the Milne Gallery.

“Hecho a Mano: Artists and Artisans of Guatemala”

Monday, March 23rd
3 p.m.
Milne 104

For 40 years, Marilyn Anderson has studied, photographed and and produced books about both the traditional arts of and issues of human rights in Guatemala. Although she has had many exhibits of her photographs, in the last several years, she has begun to show her wood, linocut prints and drawings. Join us as she discusses her work and shows slides of her photographs.

The prints, drawings and photographs in Marilyn Anderson’s exhibit “Hecho a Mano” show Maya and other Guatemalan artisans weaving textiles, working with various fibers, fashioning objects using clay, leather, metal and other materials.

The artisanal traditions of Guatemala continue to have a vital place in the lives of people there. These hand made articles also connect their makers to other people in ways that promote understanding and empathy.

Although globalisation, free trade, and modernization are changing these crafts, among Maya people there remains the will to maintain them as an irreplaceable heritage of “living” arts. Fair trade markets also allow the Maya to continue their ancient traditions rather than labor in international factories as part of the globalization machine.

The exhibit will be on display in Milne through May 17, 2009.