Apocalypsmas: What’s wrong with this image?

Memes aplenty are scattered on the internet stoking the flames of the Mayan Calendar prophecy. The trouble is, there is a very big mistake in nearly all the images and representations of the Mayan Calendar. Do you know what it is?



We’ll give you the answer below, but first… here are a few of our favorite memes:

No more twinkies…
Credit: memegenerator.net

Grumpy Cat Believes
Credit: http://www.kulfoto.com

Neil De Grasse Tyson…
Credit: quickmeme.com

Credit: http://www.bizarrocomics.com/

Credit: 9Gag.com

Credit: someecards.com

For more of our favorite memes, check out our Apocalypsmas Pinterest Board.  If you have any to recommend, give us a link in the comments and we’ll add (the PG-rated!) them.

(Oh! The problem with so many of the pictures? They are using the image of the AZTEC calendar, not the Mayan!)